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About Us

Why choose us

Founded in March 1999, our company was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Cooperation (MOFTEC) and logistics companies.

A variety of flexible solutions to provide air + courier services

Better service provides different express brands, more aggressive tracking than express brands

Strong bargaining power

Nautilus Air has signed service agreements with many airlines in the United States. Select Nautilus to enjoy the discounted prices under these service agreements. Nautilus, while maintaining a good relationship with airlines, offers you the best price.

The most comprehensive service

Our services are not limited to airfreight but also provide trailer, warehousing, labeling, documentation services, destination port delivery and collection services under DDU, DAP terms. For overseas purchases, we can follow up with purchase orders on your behalf. You can completely outsource the entire air operations to Nautilus.

Price advantage

Nautilus signed a global service agreement with several airlines to improve the utilization of space by adjusting the ratio of light cargo and heavy cargo, thus ensuring price competitiveness. It is recommended that you do not forget to consult with Nautilus while consulting with the airline.