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Transport Service

Rail transport:

With the opening and operation of the China-Europe Railway Network, a new "Silk Road Economic Belt" has been constructed. Through the Central Asia region's connection with the European region, China is building a new pattern of "mutual progress between East and West."

Shanghai Nautilus provides international rail freight transportation services. China-Russia railways can cover China-Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy and other inland points in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Provide you with more diversified shipping options.

Business advantages:

  • • Fast: time is only 1/2 of sea
  • • Economy: The cost is only 1/3 of air freight
  • • Stability: The impact of force majeure such as natural factors is small
  • • Safety: Low probability of damage to continuous shipments
  • • Environmental protection: Carbon emissions are much lower than ocean freight and air freight

Value-added services:

  • • Door to door service
  • • Declaration
  • • Sea-railway interconnection plan design
  • • Insurance services