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Large cargo

Through the accumulation of practical operating experience, we have a wealth of operational experience and personalized service advantages in the transportation of large-scale scattered and ro-ro ships and engineering projects, and shipping, transportation, lifting, customs clearance and other comprehensive services for large-scale special cargoes. Modular service.

Comprehensive and comprehensive analysis of customer needs, providing a comprehensive transportation program, careful contingency measures, supplemented by coordinated coordination and field supervision to ensure that the goods can be delivered to their destination from the point of departure by the most secure and economical modes of transportation. Our agency resources are all over the world, and we have established a strong agency network in major ports in the world. We have a reliable guarantee for the safe, accurate, and fast delivery of goods to all parts of the world.

At the same time, relying on good cooperation relationship with various docks, and relying on the unique advantages of hardware and software at Shanghai Port, we pursue the coordinated development with customers and make progress together.


New container conditions, ample volume to meet the needs of customers; one to two-year-old container ships guarantee refrigerator service; set reasonable routes to ensure fast shipping time.

All aspects of transportation ensure that the refrigerators are monitored all-weather; the computer unit of the reefer controls and records the temperature precisely; the experienced professional staff and technicians are responsible for the reefer during the transportation.


  • • Professional service team to provide flexible and diverse service solutions
  • • Competitive price advantage
  • • Direct monitoring of on-site operations to ensure cargo security
  • • The whole process of quality management system
  • • Provide cargo real-time tracking service

Value-added services:

  • • Terminal handling and lifting
  • • Agent declaration
  • • Charter service / bulk cargo booking
  • • Import and export insurance