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ISO tank transport

The container tank is a stainless steel pressure vessel installed inside a fastened external frame. Suitable for domestic and international roads, railways, water transportation and multimodal transportation.

In addition to having all the advantages of containerized transportation, and compared with the transportation mode in which "a number of drums are loaded into a dry cargo standard container", it is economical, fast, safe, environmentally friendly, beautiful with many other advantages.

First, economic benefits

For example, a 20-foot container can hold 45% more liquid cargo than a full-size 20-foot standard dry container. That is, " the same shipping costs ship more goodsthe same shipping costs are more shipments," thereby reducing the land and sea freight costs per unit of cargo. In addition, the use of tank boxes saves the cost of discard disposal for drums. This is the two direct cost-savings in the transportation process.

Second, fast

The use of tank boxes will not have expensive and time-consuming keg filling and keg loading and unloading. The transportation mode can be directly converted between roads, railways, and waterways. The operation is simple and quick and one step is in place. Real "door-to-door" transportation.

Third, increase security

Tank transportation is the safest internationally recognized method of transporting chemicals and food. In the distribution of chemicals and foods to different parts of the country, compared to other methods, this is a transportation tool that has no chance of running, running, or leaking and avoiding the contamination of the goods themselves.