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Bulk carrier / ro-ro ship

There are two kinds of bulk cargoes: bulk cargoes and container bulk cargoes. The bulk cargoes mentioned here are container bulk cargoes, including bulk (solid) bulk cargoes and liquid bulk cargoes. The process of putting each vendor's goods in one box.

1. Receive customer inquiry; When customers consult chartered transportation, they should understand the following questions to the customer.

(1) Mode of transport: Panamax ship and Capesize;

(2) Shipping and unloading ports;

(3) The name and quantity of the goods;

(4) Loading rate and unloading rate;

(5) Loading and unloading of the water line;

(6) Estimated time of transportation;

(7) Name of customer unit, contact person, telephone, telex, e-mail, fax, etc.

After understanding this information, inform the customer that the freight company will report the freight rate of the charter boat as soon as possible, as well as the customs declaration and transportation costs at the port.

2, Understand the user loading and unloading time

After the user and the shipping company have identified the transportation agent and the customs declaration agreement, the user is notified in advance of the arrival time of the arrival of the port to provide a copy of the full set of customs declaration documents required.

3. The time limit for import declaration: The application shall be filed within 14 days from the day when the transportation tool declares entry into the country. The Chaoyang Customs Certificate will be reported as deceased and the tax payment will not be paid within 14 days of the tax declaration. The Customs will collect late payment fees.

4, inspection Inspection procedures: report inspection - pay commercial inspection fees - immigration customs clearance - water scale measurement - sampling test - quality certificate

Customs declaration procedures: declaration - inspection - taxation - release - customs clearance


  • • Professional service team to provide flexible and diverse service solutions
  • • Competitive price advantage
  • • Direct monitoring of on-site operations to ensure cargo security
  • • The whole process of quality management system
  • • Provide cargo real-time tracking service

Value-added services:

  • • Terminal handling and lifting
  • • Agent declaration
  • • Charter service / bulk cargo booking
  • • Import and export insurance